How to create an Instagram Business Account:

How to create an Instagram Business Account

How to create an Instagram Business Account:

By creating a free Instagram business account, you can simply display your business’s contact information on your account sell directly on Instagram. You’ve paid ads and understand what’s performing well with your audience essentially Instagram is another creative channel that you can be discovered on and take advantage of to grow your brand and presence online. I’m going to tell you how to create an Instagram business account in 2022 so that you can effectively grow your business with before you go ahead and launch into Instagram. Let’s go ahead and dive into this updated Instagram business account.

Instagram Business Account:


So the first thing you have to do is to install the Instagram at onto your mobile device then go ahead and sign in or sign up so what you’re going to do is create a fresh account to show you how to turn your regular Instagram account into a business Instagram account so what you have to select sign up with phone or email then simply enter your phone number or simply enter in your email and then click next. Now you can sign up with Facebook what you’re going to do is create a fresh account with an email address.


Then all you need to do is locate the confirmation code for us it was sent to your email then click next.


Add your name now, because you’re creating a Instagram business account you have to add your business name in here and for the purpose of today’s tutorial what you’re going to do is create a cafe business called cool cats cafe then once you’ve added your business name click next.


If you want to add password then next option you have to allow your device to remember your login information then go ahead.


Now add your date of birth and click on next button.


Now add a username this is your unique username that people can use to locate your Instagram account then make sure username resembles your business name try different variations until you get a green tick and then click sign up when you’re happy with your username.


Then what you want to do is skip this step for now you can connect to Facebook later on if you like you’re also going to skip search your contacts.


Then you have to add a profile photo so this is going to be your logo for your business that you made earlier with Canva.


Once you’ve added your logo choose if you’d like to share this photo as a post you’re going to turn that off and click next here you can discover people by following other accounts on Instagram you’re going to skip this and then you’re also going to click not now because you don’t want to find anyone at the moment then created your Instagram account now you can convert Instagram account into a business account profile.

STEP 10:

Now click the three lines in right top corner down and click settings then come down and click on account and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select switch to professional account.

STEP 11:

Then what you want to do is navigate through this process click continue again basically it’s just sharing what you can do with the business account just like we explained at the beginning of this tutorial.

STEP 12:

Then you have to select a category that best describes your business so this type in café because you’re creating a business account for a café then you’re going to select café so take the time to identify the right option for you and then select display on profile because you want to show people visiting your account what your business is and this gives it a more professional feel then come down and select either business or creator now for the purpose of this tutorial you’re creating a business Instagram account for a local café so you’re going to select business and then come down and click next

STEP 13:

Now you have to add your public business information that you want people to be able to see that is going to be displayed on your Instagram account so go ahead add your business information then click next

STEP 14:

Now you have the option to connect with Facebook for now what you’re going to do is skip this step but later what you want to do is connect your Facebook business page with your Instagram business account.

Final step:

Now you’re not quite finished what you need to do to finish setting up our business account is click on edit profile and this is going to allow us to add important information about our business on our Instagram profile for example you can see we have our name we have our username then we can choose to add pronouns if you like but because this is a business you’re going to leave that blank then what you want to do is add your website and add a brief bio about your business so take the time to fill out this information then below public business information you have the option to connect or create a Facebook business page you can also change the category add additional contact options as well as edit your profile display meaning we can choose to show contact information or not now under contact options we can add our business email address business phone number business address and your WhatsApp business phone number if you use one so go ahead and take the time to add your public business information that you want to show on your account once you’ve done that navigate back and click on profile display this is where we want to make sure that display contact info is on and this allows visitors to get in touch with us via our contact options that we added under contact options and then just like that once you’ve added all your business information simply click done and that’s going to take you back to your profile and now you can start engaging with your audience through your Instagram business account you can also see insights to see how your account is performing so managed to follow this process of creating a business Instagram account.

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